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Introducing the new limited edition Nike Anti-Clog Traction, the boots mud won’t stick to.

The new Nike Anti-Clog Traction sole plates include an adaptive polymer that becomes compliant when exposed to water, thus all but preventing mud from sticking to it.


- Still Frames


I was hired by De-Yan to create the first thirteen seconds of this animation where the mud field turns into a neon soccer field, as well as texture the shoe. My portion of the project was done from start to finish in two weeks on and off, building the scene from scratch, animating the field parts and camera moves, then texturing and lighting the scene. The animation was done in Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane. 

I had a lot of fun working on this project and am very pleased with the final result. The commercial was played at the cleats release party in New York City. Below are some stills of what I worked on and made and where the final project was shown.


- The Event


- Credits

Animation & Modeling: Vladislav Solovjov, Dejan Jovanovic, Julius Manalo, Franz Kubin, Isaac Taracks

Shoe Cad Modeling & Retopology: Borja Corbi, Jaime Garcia Galipienso

Music & Sound: Ryan Michael, Robbins Bruce, Mac Vaughn, Dark Star Audio

Color Grade: Melanie Fordham

Editing: Dejan Jovanovic

Director & Art Direction: Dejan Jovanovic

Creative agency: DE-YAN

Production Company: Bureau Betak

Client: Nike