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Iter: latin, noun, 1) A journey, a course, a path. 

Iter is a student made short film that follows the journey of a rock throughout space and into new worlds.



Director / CG Artist/ Editor: Isaac Taracks
Sound: Isaac Taracks & Tristan Barton

Special Thanks:
Aaron Porter
Aaron Covrett
Mike Dollar
Maddie Kroll



The Process


- Inspiration


These are a some of the photos I had on my insparation and mood board for this project, I really wanted to go for some cold dark tones with the space scenes and land, but for the crystals I wanted them to either have some pop of color or be pure clear crystals, I went with clear crystals becuase they fit better in the scenes and weren't as distracting as some of the other test renders I did with the crystals being in color.


- Storyboards


These are the collection of rough story boards I made to get a feel for what kinds of shots I wanted to have and how those would look in sequence with one another. I originally had around 20 shots, but I narrowed the story and shots down to nine that I felt really had a nice flow to them. 


- Previs


A few still frames from the previs stage of the project. I locked down most of the camera and prop animations in this stage so that the scenes were a) light and easy to change without being bogged down by high poly detailed models and large texture files and b) so that I could do fast software renders out of Cinema 4D and get a feel for the camera movements. 


- Style Frames


These are the many looks that the crystals went through while I was working on this short. The bright pop in color was there as a way to break up the earthy tones I had been using on the planets, rocks, and ground. I ended up going as you can see at the end with a pure white crystal as I felt the pop in color took the crystal out of the world it was put in too much and didn't help the sotry as much as I had hoped. 


- Scene Builds


These are a few screenshots of the project files, I used Turbulence FD the smoke simulations for the rock crashing into the planet, I rendered all of the smoke in Octane and added it on top of the renders in post for more control over the look of it. In some of the screenshots they show how simple the prop geometry was and how much leaving the details up to normal and height map information worked out. 


- Frame Stills


Here are a few of the best screen grabs form the animation. Most of the shots started with these single camera angles, and then the scene was built around them. This allowed me to not have to build anything outside of the view of the camera, which helped me save time on the modeling and prop making for each scene. 


- Posters