This is a collection of purely motion explorations that I do in my free time after work. I also have another collection of static exploration in my Visual Experiments project. The goal of is project though is that in doing personal R&D fairly regularly and exploring different parts of each new program I can grow my knowledge and find new ways of working. The programs I am currently focused on are Houdini, Cinema 4D, After Effects.



I have only been working in Houdini for the past year, but I am loving learning VEX and the procedural nature of the program. The precision and all-in-one mindset that Houdini offers is one of the number of reasons I decided to add it to my tool set.


Cinema 4D

I have worked in Cinema 4D for the past 4 years and use it at the center of all my 3d work. I am currently working on building xpresso systems that allow for easy iteration and quick tweaking of the effects. As well as bending Cinema’s shelf tools in interesting ways to produce effects not commonly seen in other 3d work.

After Effects

I have worked in After Effects the longest in my career (6+ years) and am currently finding it interesting to dig into building systems/effect using expressions and effects built as procedural as possible.