This is a collection of different things I've made that have helped me in my work and I wanted to give back to the community which has helped me so much in my work through out the years. Feel free to use this for what ever purpose you want be that in personal work or commercial work, if you found any of this helpful please direct people back here so they too can take part in the content. 



Gray-Scott Model Reaction Diffusion

No plugins, just Cinema 4D R20s fields system on a vertex map driving color and displacement.

RBD Pyro Sim

HIP file showing how to mesh a pyro smoke simulation and give it RBD.

Condensation Fling

HIP file testing out the POP fluids condensation shelf tool in Houdini 17.5.

Glass Shatter

Glass shatter effect done in Houdini and animated in Cinema 4D using mograph effectors, then rendered in octane. Followed the setup guide by Chan-Chia Chang here to get the fracture geo. 


Pixel Noise Patterns

This is a After Effects file I've created that utilizes expressions on the opacity to animate the pixel designed noise. The project file is AE CC 2017 and uses no third party plugins.


CRT TV Screen Effect

This is a After Effects file I've created to simulate a CRT TV screen along with other retro screen distortions. The template file is AE CC 2017 and uses no third party plugins. I've also included the Star Wars inspired UI interface animations. 


Cinema4D Fog Scenes

This is a collection of four scenes I made utilizing different approaches to rendering volumetric fog in Cinema 4D using TurbulenceFD  and Octane. Three of the four scenes were made as a part of my 2017 everydays project and require TurbulenceFD or a VDB files (free files can be found here), and the fourth is a simple fog setup not using TurbulenceFD that has a short explanation of the fog settings.