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Throughout 2015, John Nichols, an artist and musician based out of Miami, Florida created and produced his debut EP, Beach. During this process, John connected with us and proposed the idea of working together to create an overarching identity and visual story to accompany the release of his EP. John is an incredibly talented musician, and the nicest guy to work with, so we quickly said yes.

Beach is a story and a broader commentary on an individual's internal battle derived from doubt, heartbreak, and an overwhelming desire for personal acceptance. Inspired and driven by these ideas, we crafted a visual representation of the complex, internal struggles present in all of us. To illustrate this idea, we utilized a visual dichotomy of character, setting, and color to aid in the communication of the struggle between doubt and hope.


- Breakdown


When under pressure our innate nature as humans is to see the world in contrast, as opposing forces, and as black and white. Through the use of achromatic visuals, we pulled on the ideas of our human nature to convey this sense of doubt. Supporting this idea, we incorporated the glitch effect into the achromatic visuals to portray the overcoming of doubt by the ever-growing hope. Hope, represented by the colored visuals, is commonly depicted as being bright and full of life. The inclusion of the 3D renders served as a means to help better visually communicate some of the more complicated emotions and concepts, such as instability and lost love.


- Still Frames


Throughout the process of creating Beach, our goal was to build something that conveyed an intentionally connected, cohesive story. We relied on strong and purposeful concepts to help inspire imagery that eloquently communicated those ideas. These ideas were the key to creating the final piece in the project. We believe the music video is the ideal culmination of the conceptual and aesthetic decisions we made throughout the process. This film connects all of the elements and ideas that were released in the lead up to the launch of the EP and gives them a narrative support. This support pushes the project beyond existing as just a collection of things and instead, creates a complete, interconnected narrative.


During the production process we realized that we were in need of additional imagery that would aid in the connection of the music video to the core concepts of the EP. Using Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer we built imagery that communicated concepts of unbalance, struggle, and rebirth. We pulled this imagery into all portions of the project and it played an integral part in connecting the narrative to all aspects.


- Credits

Aaron Covrett - Graphic Design and 2D VFX

Aaron Porter - Project Lead, Director

Isaac Taracks - 3D VFX, Animation and Sound Design

Jeen Na - Co-Director and Concept Development

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(left to right) Aaron Covrett, Isaac Taracks, Jeen Na, Aaron Porter